HIP HOP LOCOS. BARELY LEGAL LESBIAN VAMPIRES. THE SUMMER OF THE MASSACRE. We’ve talked about plenty of terrible, no-good, very bad films here on NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES, but GORNO: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY might very well trump them all. A sickeningly pretentious attempt at aping the “teenage debauchery” sub-genre dominated by Larry Clark and Harmony Korine, it uses film as a blunt object in which to hammer its audience into submission. And it sucks. Terribly. This is a very special ANGRY episode, where Moe Porne and Doug “Sweetback” Tilley let loose with both barrels on a very deserving target. One way or another, you’re going to get covered in spittle. Enjoy.


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Doug Tilley

Doug has been a geek for as long as he’s been alive, but has only been blogging about film since 2008; originally writing for his personal site and eventually moving to Daily Grindhouse where he writes regularly about micro-budget films and film-makers in his No-Budget Nightmares column. At the end of 2011 he started the popular No-Budget Nightmares podcast with Moe Porne, and regularly contributes to a variety of other genre film podcasts. He likes movies, movies and movies.

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