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Assistant editor Mike Vanderbilt stopped by THE WRONG REEL PODCAST this week to talk about some of his favorite rock ‘n’ roll movies and their influence on his own filmmaking career. Last year, Vanderbilt co-directed and wrote the music for BLOODSPRAY. The 7 minute rock opera is described as a “rock ‘n’ roll tale of a boy, a girl, and a satanic cult” and won the award for Best Original Score at Chicago’s 48 Hour Film Project last September.

Vanderbilt dives into that “ultra-modern retro Americana” aesthetic of what is possibly Walter Hill’s coolest—and arguably most romantic—film, STREETS OF FIRE which featured a blend of ’50s rock styles with an ’80s new wave sensibility that Vanderbilt fully admits to cribbing from for BLOODSPRAY. Vanderbilt also recalls that his love of rain soaked streets, smoke, and lots and lots of neon can be traced back to 1988’s “The Night Belongs To Michelob” campaign.

From there, Vanderbilt and host James Hancock explore Brian DePalma’s scathing commentary on the record industry PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE as well as what Vanderbilt considers one of the most accurate depictions of being in a rock band—Tom Hank’s directorial debut—THAT THING YOU DO! Our man also makes a case for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW‘s often maligned “not a sequel, not a prequel, but an equal,” SHOCK TREATMENT.



Be sure to have a listen this weekend and don’t forget to check out other terrific episodes including THE HISTORY OF PLANET OF THE APES featuring contributor Kevin Maher and friend of the site J. Blake Fichera exploring the films of John Carpenter.


Mike Vanderbilt

Mike Vanderbilt

Mike Vanderbilt is a freelance writer and contributor based on the south side of Chicago. Mike has appeared on The A.V. Club, The Chicago Reader, Fangoria, and Consequence Of Sound tackling a variety of subjects ranging from Cheap Trick, George Lucas' Red Tails, and for better or worse knows a thing or two about online dating. A bartender by trade, he holds a degree in accountancy but he was never very good at it.When not mixing cocktails, Mike hosts and produces the Drinks On Monday With The Strike Team podcast, as well as Revenge Of The Pod People. He can also be seen performing with his power pop band The Romeros and punk act Modern Day Rippers.
Mike Vanderbilt

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