Welcome back to the New Release Wall and a look at the titles hitting the street today. It’s a solid week full of blockbusters, an underrated horror franchise, and more Blu-ray releases featuring John Carpenter (give or a take a double-dip). In the blockbuster department, Shane Black’s IRON MAN 3 hits the shelves and is sure to be one of the best selling titles of the year. I wish I liked this film more than I did but I walked away feeling a little empty and more than a little played. The DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY is being repackaged in a collector’s set with a few exclusives tossed in to help the undecided. Now for the good stuff…


PSYCHO II and PSYCHO III make their Blu-ray debut from Shout Factory. While the second film breaks from the mythology created in the original classic, it is still fun to re-visit a creepy friend as he continues his descent into madness. PSYCHO III feels like it came right out of the pages of a dime store horror novel. There are moments that remind me of author Jim Thompson doing horror. Nothing in this franchise ever feels like a retread, it’s all original, but PSYCHO III is a unique ride that manages to correct the short comings of PSYCHO II. Nice to see Shout Factory giving this release the treatment it deserves.

prince of darkness

From Shout Factory’s Scream Factory label, JOHN CARPENTER’S PRINCE OF DARKNESS also hits Blu-ray for the first time. This is without question one of the most underrated films in the Carpenter cannon. You mix in theoretical physics, atomic theory, and an anti-god, and you get the makings of a killer classic. Some other titles that may be worth watch are also hitting the shelves, the full rundown is below. Hit the links, grab some cool shit, and help support the site. Here’s to good watching this week, Bastards. Salute!

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