RIDLEY SCOTT TALKS PROMETHEUS: “we go back, we don’t go forward.”



The crew over at Filmophilia just did the geekaverse a solid and scored an exclusive conversation with Ridley Scott on PROMETHEUS. To say this is an anticipated film is an understatement. I am trying to think of a film I am looking forward to more than Scott’s return to the Alien universe but I am drawing blanks.


Scott on the films ALIEN DNA:


“I mean, you could actually say, and there’s a quote I did, a pretty good quote: By the end of the third act you start to realize there’s a DNA of the very first alien, but none of the subsequent aliens. To tell you what that is is a pity, and I’m not going to tell you, because it’s actually pretty good, pretty organic to the process and to the original. But we go back, we don’t go forward.”


“I was always amazed that, I mean, I’ve only done two science-fictions, but I was always amazed that no one asked who the hell the Space Jockey was. He wasn’t even called the Space Jockey. During the film they started to call it the Space Jockey. I don’t know who started that one off. I always thought it was amazing that no one ever asked who he was, and why was he there? What was all that about? I sat thinking about this for a while and thought, well, there’s a story! And the other four [films] missed it! So, here it is.”


On H.R.Giger’s potential involvement in PROMETHEUS:


“I brought him in, I showed him what we were doing, showed him the story and he liked it a lot” said Scott. “So he’s doing a little bit of work for me. He’s been doing some murals, big murals, which we’ll see in almost one of the first chambers we encounter when we land where we’re gonna go.”


PROMETHEUS will be landing in theatres June 8th 2012.


Also, I am drooling with this news. Just so you know.






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