[Rocktoberfest 2019] Lock The Gates!

Today is the drunken stumbling bit of Rocktoberfest 2019 as all the ghouls and goblins stagger home through the empty Solo cups and tossed cigarette butts, with a ringing in their ears. There’s two more features left, but as the month has ended, so has the event. Hope it was worth the price of admission!

As a parting gift, please enjoy this swan song video:


Til next year, boppers!


*the song is “Thunder Busters” by Wax Audio
Rob Dean

Rob Dean

Based out of Austin TX, Rob writes some things for the Internet: sometimes film reviews, sometimes funny stuff, but all embedded with secret Masonic messages. He loves film, comic books, and is still mourning the loss of Pushing Daisies. His dream is to one day have his musical based on The Goonies debut on stage. Yes, that last part is real.
Rob Dean

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