Of all the post-modern attempts to craft a new slasher icon in the mold of the ‘80s greats, the only one to halfway succeed was Victor Crowley, the deformed swampland behemoth star of Adam Green’s HATCHET franchise. Now, four years after Green’s trilogy supposedly concluded with the vanquishment of the “Nawleans” madman, comes word that a fourth entry in the franchise is on the way, courtesy of Green himself.


Titled VICTOR CROWLEY, the film is a semi-reboot of the franchise taking place a decade after the events of the first film began with a deadly tour of the swamps. Made in secret over the last two years, the film returns Kane Hodder to the title role while also bringing back series supporting player Parry Shen as lone survivor Andrew Yong. Shen is promoted to lead role here; blamed for the crimes perpetrated by Crowley but with no evidence to convict him, Yong has been steadfast in his story that the undead spirit of bayou butcher Crowley was responsible for the gruesome deaths of the tourists under his care. Peddling a book about his ordeal, Yong is lured back to Louisiana, where he inadvertently resurrects the soul of Victor Crowley.



Here’s the kicker: Not only has Green been in secret production on the film… but he’s already screened it! Green surprised the audience at his “10th Anniversary Screening of HATCHET” event last night at the Arclight Cinema in Los Angeles. Now that it’s made its world premiere, VICTOR CROWLEY is set to have its international premiere at London’s FrightFest on August 26th before embarking on a touring roadshow via Dark Sky Films this October. Laura Ortiz, Dave Sheridan, Chase Williamson, Brian Quinn, and Tiffany Shepis round out the cast.


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