The excellent Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog hosted a Film Discoveries list from ROCK’N’ROLL HIGH SCHOOL and GET CRAZY director Allan Arkush!

The Rue Morgue Podcast presents the second part of their talk with Kier-La Janisse, author of the excellent book “House of Psychotic Woman.”frum dusk

New poster arrives for the Robert Rodriguez-produced “From Dusk Till Dawn” TV series:

Diffuser had a little talk with MST3K’s Trace Beaulieu on the show’s history…

…and Den of Geek had a solid interview with James Woods, and he talks BEST SELLER, COP and FAST-WALKING.

A great interview with Joyce Baronio, photographer of strippers, porn stars and sex show workers in late ‘70s Times Square. (NSFW)

A video store clerk at Toronto’s Queen Video talks about why video stores will live on at producer Ted Hope’s website.

The Dissolve talked to AMERICAN MOVIE director Chris Smith on the film’s 15th anniversary.  (As someone who went to the premiere of COVEN, I feel old.)

Image Entertainment has picked up CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO, the third installment of the horror franchise, starring Sean Astin and directed by Kaare Andrews.

Peaches Christ, host of San Francisco’s “Midnight Mass” film series and director of ALL ABOUT EVIL, talks to Thought Catalog and answers whether she’s more related to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE or TROLL 2.

The controversial half-finished film INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS (partially directed by YOUNG LADY CHATTERLY’s Alan Roberts before the references to Islam were added)  is ordered removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement.

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