Andy Davies, founder of the Sci-Fi Hotel, sets his sights on opening an ALIEN-themed bar.

GRAVITY and 12 YEARS A SLAVE lead the BAFTA Award nominations.

The Dissolve’s Matt Singer on the five features Netflix needs to add – Good ideas, and I’d add the ability to curate lists, which they had years ago, as well.

New trailer released for The Mo Brothers’ new serial killer flick KILLERS.  The film debuts January 20 at the Sundance Film Festival:

Toad returns to the cinematic X-Men franchise in the hopes that lightning will strike twice.

Your VHS tapes can still be played in 58% of American households.

Rodney Ascher, director of ROOM 237, does a Reddit AMA.

Lee Marvin biographer Dwayne Epstein talks to Budd Boetticher in a 1994 interview just posted at World Cinema Paradise.

Here’s the first picture of EMPIRE OF THE B’s, David Jay’s new book on the films of Charles Band:


And Band himself is launching a new print magazine called “Delirium,” to be published bi-monthly, to which Jay will be contributing a TOURIST TRAP retrospective.

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