Here’s your new FANTASTIC FOUR.  Weirdly, I like all of these actors (though I don’t know Teller), but – aren’t they a bit on the young side?

Did you need a prop slug from J.P. Simon’s 1998 flick SLUGS?  If so, today’s your lucky day.

Kurt Russell ponders the ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK remake.

Tarantino sues Gawker for posting a link to the leaked HATEFUL EIGHT screenplay.

These alternate universe movie posters from artist Sean Hartter are pretty awesome.

death spaaIs Dark Sky back in business and releasing DEATH SPA to Blu-Ray and DVD?  No official announcement yet, but Diabolik seems to think so!

The Kickstarter project for YETI: A LOVE STORY 2: LIFE ON THE STREETS, the sequel to the Troma-distributed exploitation flick, could use some help!  There’s Yeti prostitution involved.

What does John Waters teach third grade art students?

Rob Zombie may be making a horror movie instead of a hockey film.

This weekend, Exhumed Films presents a great double bill of GANG WARS and DEATH PROMISE in Philadelphia.

Here’s a trailer for the ridiculous-looking THE FINAL MEMBER, about a duel between two men trying to contribute to a penis museum:

The film opens on April 18th in theaters and on VOD from Drafthouse.

Lastly, the latest “Speedrun” gives you DIE HARD in 60 seconds:

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