The projection booth (not the great podcast) is quickly being replaced by digital projection, but photographer Joseph O. Holmes did an amazing job putting together a short film celebrating its glory days.

Today’s trailers weren’t all about apes.  Check out Elijah Wood and John Cusack in the thriller GRAND PIANO here.

…and a new one for Jackie Chan’s POLICE STORY 2013 here.

…and a teaser for Richard Ayoade’s THE DOUBLE here.

Shia LaBeouf digs himself in deeper.

The MPAA is ridiculous, exhibit 67,142.

2013’s National Film Registry entries include FORBIDDEN PLANET, PULP FICTION, and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

Frank Darabont takes aim at AMC over “Walking Dead” profits, lawsuit-style.

While we look at gender-benders, FearNet looks at the SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT franchise.  Here’s chapter 2 of John Squires’ great retrospective.

If that’s not enough Christmas peril for you, sketch trouble Local Empire made a fun short that mixes SantaCon with DAWN OF THE DEAD:

Last day to contribute to the Kickstarter for DETOUR ’45: A NOIR DOCUMENTARY, chronicling the making of Edgar Ulmer’s classic.

Similarly, it’s the last chance to kick in for TWENTY-FOUR BY THIRTY-SIX, a documentary on movie poster art.

Compiled by Paul Freitag-Fey

silent night deadly night

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