The next season of “American Horror Story” may be circus-themed, according to a leaked trailer that may or may not be real.

Peaches Christ will be talking to Chris Elliott and Adam Resnick for a special screening of CABIN BOY in San Francisco – get tickets here.

New horror comic CURSE, debuting today, is an impressively unique take on a werewolf story…

…and if that’s not enough to pick up at your local comics establishment, BLACK DYNAMITE moves to print as well.

In new podcasts, The Projection Booth invites Wakefield Poole for a look at his classic hardcore film BOYS IN THE SAND

…while Drunk on VHS does a deep, probing examination of Jim Wynorski’s HARD TO DIE.

“Trailers from Hell” presents Ozploitation master Brian Trenchard-Smith on Lynne Ramsey’s WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN:

Beverly Garland writes about Roger Corman, recycling and Peter Pan.

This year’s Razzie Award nominees have been announced, and as usual, it’s basically the same dozen or so mainstream movies repeated over and over (and Lady Gaga, Katherine Heigl and Chris Brown because HA HA THEY’RE CELEBRITIES IT’S POPULAR TO HATE) without any actual regard for the quality of the thing in the actual category.

New creature feature DEAD SEA gets a trailer:

Did a Chicago science fiction convention get cancelled due to their would-be hotel’s employee referring to them as “costumed freaks?”

Lastly, Jay Shaw’s neat new poster for the promising-looking killer kid pic COOTIES, a new film written by the odd couple of Leigh (SAW) Wannell and “Glee”‘s Ian Brennan, starring Elijah Wood.  The film will be playing at the Sundance Film Festival.


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