Short Ends – Johnson on STAR WARS, BOOGALOO Poster, Sex ed History, Podcasts, Trailers and more!

electric boogalooLOOPER director Rian Johnson to direct STAR WARS episodes VIII and IX.

The folks at Apprehensive Films, Wild Eye Releasing and Whacked Movies talk about cult and indie film distribution on the Slow Hand Radio Zoo Crew podcast.

ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: THE WILD, UNTOLD STORY OF CANNON FILMS! releases its’ great-looking one-sheet. Mark (NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD) Hartley’s film premieres at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August.

Feministing’s “Reproductive Rights in Pop Culture” series has a great piece on the history of sex education films.

Jessica Harper writes about her exposure to feminism at Purple Clover.

The Projection Booth’s Mike White joined the Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts Podcast for a look at Rudy Ray Moore’s DISCO GODFATHER.

And back at home, White and Rob St. Mary talk about THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS at the Projection Booth Podcast itself.killerfish

Scorpion Releasing announces a September 23 release for the Blu-ray of the waterbound thriller KILLERFISH, with Lee Majors, Karen Black and Margeaux Hemingway.

Bruce Campbell encourages marijuana legalization.

Here’s a screenshot for every website featured in the 1995 thriller THE NET for some reason.

Stop-motion director Lee Hardcastle imagines the possibility of QUENTIN TARANTINO’S GHOSTBUSTERS 3:

Trailer for the low-budget Blaxploitation homage HAMMER & NAILS:

A trailer emerges for the eagerly-awaited MANOS: THE HANDS OF FELT, the puppet adaptation of MANOS:

And lastly, here is footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger accompanied by fart sounds:

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