Child star, former wife of John Agar and U.S. ambassador Shirley Temple Black has passed away at 85.

You can buy Chochise’s vest from THE WARRIORS for a mere five and a half grand.

Also in WARRIORS news, check out this trailer for a fan-made remake directed by Ram Bhat and see their Facebook page here:

WARRIORS Trailer (2014) from ram bhat on Vimeo.

First the screenplay for Quentin Tarantino’s HATEFUL EIGHT leaked, now it’s the conceptual soundtrack list.

But why would he care, when he could be canoodling with Grace Jones?!

A promo for the second season of “Bates Motel,” debuting March 3:

Here’s a look at Jayne Mansfield’s amazing mansion.

The first trailer for Jonathan Glazer’s UNDER THE SKIN arrives:

Our own Jon Abrams lists his favorite film discoveries of 2013 over at Rupert Pupkin Speaks!

The VHS fandom doc ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR is now available to order on DVD and VHS – click here to order.


There’s a sequel to THE PURGE coming, called THE PURGE: ANARCHY, and it’s due in theaters this Summer.  Really?

Lastly, here’s a supercut of Marty and Doc saying each others’ name from BACK TO THE FUTURE:

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