Bhob Stewart, artist, comic book writer, filmmaker, designer of “Wacky Packages” and editor of magazines such as “The EC Fan Bulletin,” the first EC Comics fanzine, the science fiction zine “Xero” and “Castle of Frankenstein,” has passed away at 76.

Harold Ramis tributes from the GHOSTBUSTERS firehouse and the President of the United States.

The Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts podcast got fit with LINNEA QUIGLEY’S HORROR WORKOUT.

Crispin Glover does a typically verbose Reddit AMA.

Getting to see live searches for porn is pretty awesome.

diaboloHere’s, um, a mash-up of 1960’s PSYCHO and the Gus Van Sant remake for some reason?  From Steven Soderbergh?

A look at Freddy Krueger merchandise for kids.

The makers of 1995’s CRINOLINE HEAD are doing a fundraising campaign for a sequel.

Today’s a good day to buy those Criterion discs you’ve been holding off on.

“Demons, Snake Girls & Evil Trees: Voodoo-Themed Hand-Painted Movie Posters on Display” brings an amazing archive of Ghanan movie posters to Chicago’s Harold Washington College, provided by Brian Chankin, the owner of the city’s great Odd Obsession Movies video store.  Chankin hosts a Q&A on Thursday – check out the invite here.  The show will run through March 30.

Mill Creek to release new Blu-Ray sets of the GAMERA films in April.

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