Here’s a round up of today’s noteworthy DG-approved links that have set the internet aflutter:

Study from film archivist David Pierce finds that 70 percent of silent films have been lost.

BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL‘s Chester N. Turner finally gets to show TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE in his home of Chicago next month, with the Bleeding Skull guys along for the ride.

Zach Snyder’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN gets a Wonder Woman in G.I. JOE RETALIATION’s Gal Gadot.

Brian Trenchard-Smith takes on Robert Aldrich and Sergio Leone’s THE LAST DAYS OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH for Trailers from Hell.

Check out a promo spot for Robert Rodriguez’s new El Ray Network, an English-language network launching this month.

Only a day left to contribute to “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and Cinematic Titanic’s Mary Jo Pehl’s Kickstarter campaign for her album of songs devoted to the likes of MITCHELL, EEGAH and MANOS, THE HANDS OF FATE!

Our own Jonny A-Bomb gets to hype his favorite underrated dramas over at Rupert Pupkin Speaks.

The MPAA is absolutely opposed to women receiving oral sexual pleasure, and CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN star Evan Rachel Wood is pissed.

Sing along with Chang in this karaoke promotion for the UK release of ONLY GOD FORGIVES.

ISIS from “Archer” will teach you how to handle a ninja.

Lloyd Kaufman and some random Troma folk pay their respects to Roger Ebert.

Compiled by Paul Freitag-Fey

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