Elliot Lavine is known around San Francisco as the programmer of the famous Roxie Theater from 1990 until 2003 and curator of many local film festivals featuring the best in classic cinema. But before he was programming festivals of film noir, he was making shorts based on the work he loved.

Today’s short film showcase presents two noir-influened shorts he made in the early ’80s. Both are nifty pieces of work that would have been quite at home in an episode of “Night Flight,” and should make for an appropriate way to pass a half hour on a chilly day like today.

1981’s BLIND ALLEY, the botched robbery of the payroll out of a meat packing planet leads the thief in a world of paranoia, and the partner he left behind won’t leave well enough alone.

In 1982’s THE TWISTED CORRIDOR, John X. Heart plays an office worked compounded by strange dreams of a man he’s never met, taking him on a delirious journey that costs him quite a bit.

While BLIND ALLEY and THE TWISTED CORRIDOR were the only two noir shorts Lavine made, he did create a short trailer for a conceptual feature called BLACK FURY in 1987. The results are more ’80s-influenced than the noir duo, but it still shows Lavine’s love for the world of desperation and pathos made beautiful by B&W cinematography.

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