[EXCLUSIVE] The Director And Writers Of THREE O’CLOCK HIGH School Us On The Filmmaking Process.

Shout! Factory is bringing THREE O’CLOCK HIGH to Blu-Ray today, so you can watch it at any hour of the day. While the film was a box office and critical failure in the fall of 1987, the teenage take on HIGH NOON became a cult classic thanks to countless showings on cable television (it has even been noted as an inspiration on this year’s FIST FIGHT). Executive produced by Steven Spielberg (he ended up taking his name off the credits) the film follows Jerry Mitchell (Casey Siemaszko) throughout a more bizarre than usual school day as he attempts to get out of a fight with juvenile delinquent Buddy Revell. In this two exclusive clips from Shout! Factory, director Phil Joanou delves into the casting of the two leads and the film’s writers—Richard Cristian Matheson and Thomas Szollosi—explain how their own high school experiences graduated to the script.





THREE O’CLOCK HIGH is now available through Shout! Factory.



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