[SHUDDER] FOUND FOOTAGE 3D Is Comin’ At Ya In This Exclusive Clip

FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, the latest film from writer/director Steve DeGennaro and producer Scott Weinberg is finally making it’s way to audiences today via Shudder, albeit in standard 2D. However, the full anaglyph 3D version of the film will be streaming beginning on October 26. Shudder provided Daily Grindhouse with his exclusive clip from the slick—and scary—meta horror flick in which the main characters justify why a found footage movie would be shot in 3D.


FOUND FOOTAGE 3D was a favorite of Daily Grindhouse at the 2016 Bruce Campbell Horror Film festival. The film weaves meta comedy and big scares all the while expertly parodying found footage tropes with the straightest of faces.

FOUND FOOTAGE 3D (in 2D) is available today on Shudder while the 3-D version will premiere on October 26, just in time for Halloween.






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