Here in Portland, Siskel & Ebert were on Channel 2 at 11:35pm every Sunday. Agree with them or not, they brought film conversation to the masses. Here is our weekly tribute to the two legends.







Jon Abrams

Editor-In-Chief at Daily Grindhouse
Jon Abrams is a New York-based writer, cartoonist, and committed cinemaniac whose complete work and credits can be found at his site, Demon’s Resume. You can contact him on Twitter as @JonZilla___.
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    February 7, 2012

    I haven’t seen this in years but that menmot is indeed a great one. (SPOILERS) The way Book gently lowers his hand over Samuel’s pointing finger, indicating that 1. He gets what Samuel is saying and 2. This safe-haven has now, immediately, become a very dangerous place and we have to get you the hell out of here. That’s what works for me so well. The immediate switch from safety to danger. (SPOILER END) It’s like what Roger Ebert wrote years ago about 2001. For first time viewers who didn’t know the story (unlike me going into it) the menmot Kubrick shows HAL reading the astronauts lips was, according to Ebert, heartstopping. “Oh my god,” he thought, “HAL’s their enemy.”(SPOILERS AGAIN) That’s the feeling here: “Oh my god, the cops are the killers!” (END SPOILERS)

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