[STAR WARS WEEK] Here’s Where The Fun Begins

Hard to imagine that ten years ago, it appeared that there would be no more STAR WARS movies. Creator George Lucas long promised a third trilogy that would follow the adventures of the children of Han, Leia, and Luke but after the prequel trilogy, Lucas seemed content to make those independent films that he keeps threatening but never see the light of day. (That said, everyone should really check out RED TAILS.)

However, that was only from a certain point of view, like most things in George Lucas’s classic space opera. Here we are on the eve of the release of ROGUE ONE, the first STAR WARS film that won’t deal especially with the dysfunctional Skywalker clan outside of an appearance of Darth Vader, rumored to be more evil than ever. Taking a cue from the marketing team at MARVEL, it seems that there is going to be STAR WARS movie every year until the day we die, for better or worse. It of course all began with the 1977 original would very possibly could have fallen by the wayside and become a cult-classic for the midnight movie crowd but instead became a pop culture phenomenon that is even more popular today than it was 39 years ago.

This week, in anticipation of the ROGUE ONE (is it a centrequel? A midquel?), the team here at DAILY GRINDHOUSE will be diving into one of the most beloved (and at times hated) franchises of all time. Much like the Force, there must be a balance. Readers may also be interested in checking out the DRINKS ON MONDAY podcast which is currently running their reading of NPR’s 1983 radio drama adaptation of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK featuring myself as Han Solo. There’s going to be plenty take in, and you’ll find we’re full of surprises.

So here we go, Grindhousers, this is STAR WARS week and you’re about to take your first step into a much larger world.




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