Sergio Carbucci is one of my favorite directors. DJANGO, THE GREAT SILENCE, HELLBENDERS, NAVAJOE JOE, they are all incredibly impressive films, unlike SUPER FUZZ which plays on the opposite side of impressive. This film is crap. Back in the 80’s it felt like HBO had five films in their catalog and SUPER FUZZ was one of them. Multiple viewings has brain-washed me into a fondness for the FUZZ. Damn you Carbucci for making this crap charming!


Terrence Hill does his best Trinity with super powers and Ernest Borgnine walks through the film looking like he swallowed a spoon. If you are looking for any Carbucci hallmarks move along to one of his better films. There is nothing to see here but a man catching a bullet between his teeth to a theme song that literally doesn’t stop until the end of the film (at which point it continues in your head for weeks).


See you on forty deuce,



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