From our interview with Alex Winter:

DAILY GRINDHOUSE: So LOST BOYS like a lot of your films has taken on a life of its own. It plays just as well now as it did when it premiered. Talk to us about the making of that?

ALEX WINTER: Oh man, that was a blast. I just saw [Joel] Schumacher about a week or so ago. He was cutting up where I was working on my movie and we had a kibitz, a twenty year later kibitz, about how much fun that movie was. It was just unexpectedly fun. Again it was like film school. I was really broke, I didn’t think I was going to get the gig, I honestly didn’t think I was going to act again. After I left Broadway I just didn’t think I was going to ever act, I didn’t even consider DEATH WISH 3 as acting per se. I told that to Joel when I saw him. I wouldn’t have done any of those movies after LOST BOYS if it weren’t for him because he was the one saying look, you’re good, and you should do this. I just never put that much thought into it. Michael Chapman shot it, who I was just in awe of; I think I did that movie because he shot it. I just peppered him with questions about JAWS, RAGING BULL, and TAXI DRIVER. I am sure he hated my guts; I was like this annoying fan-boy clapping around at his heels.

I didn’t have a lot to do that movie so I had a lot of time to just stand around and watch what was going on which helped when I got to do FREAKED with Tom because there was so much money involved in that film and so much going on that I wouldn’t have had the ability to manage that if it wasn’t for LOST BOYS and watching how a big set worked, and watching the effects guys, I don’t think I went back to school fulltime after that, LOST BOYS was kind of like my senior project in a way. It’s not CITIZEN KANE but it was a really great film to be in. Nobody was up there ass you know? There wasn’t this “we’re making this cool teen movie” vibe, everybody was new.





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