If you’re a listener of No-Budget Nightmares you already know I tend not to watch too many new films. When asked to make a list for my “best of 2012” I was at a loss, the problem being I hadn’t even seen 10 new films in 2012. So I sat down, did my best impression of The Thinker and ruminated on what I could write about. I decided to do what I know and so now I present to you my list of the Top 10 best low/micro/no-budget films, new to me, seen in 2012.


10. Reanimator Academy (NBN Ep 27)

Reanimator Academy
A Herbert West wannabe brings back a stand up comedian’s head, much hilarity ensues. Meanwhile a couple gangsters kill off one of their girlfriends and venture to find a way to bring her back, much hilarity ensues.


9. Death Metal Zombies (NBN Ep 16)

Death Metal Zombies
A nefarious band attempts to make the world into zombies by giving one man a tape and telling him not to copy it, much zombilarity ensues.


8. Holy Moly (NBN Ep 28)

Holy Moly
An inner city priest fights a losing battle with a demon with a punny name, oh and vomit…lots of vomit.


7. Robot Ninja (NBN Ep 17)

He is Robot Ninja and he kicks ass. No, seriously…don’t fuck with him.


6. Freaky Farley

A local minor celebrity/peeping tom/psychopath goes on a monster killing spree after one kills the girl he’s interested in.


5. Zombie Rampage (NBN Ep 21)

Zombie Rampage
Todd Sheets’ undead masterpiece about rival gangs bringing back their fallen comrades and a whole lot more.


4. Rock N Roll Space Patrol Action is Go
(NBN Ep 23)


A couple of space rangers fight the evil Dr Spider Jones (he don’t know what the rock n roll is for). An incredible soundtrack and baffling ending make for one helluva roller coaster ride.


3. The Taint

If misogyny were an infectious disease, then The Taint would be the result of a massive outbreak. Men go haywire and feel an overwhelming need to smash in women’s heads, all while sporting monster erections!


2. Science Crazed (NBN Ep 29)

Science Crazed
Not the best film I’ve seen this year, but has so much personality that I would personally front an effort to make it the next big “best worst movie”! Dr. Frank injects a woman with…uh…something and either a minute or 21 hours (it’s hard to tell) later she has a baby that becomes a hideous monster.


1. Suburban Sasquatch (NBN Ep 19)

suburban Sasquatch
Sas, the first Patron Saint of No-Budget Nightmares and unofficial mascot dishes out some serious hurt in this whacked out tale of mysticism and an, apparently, middle class Sasquatch. Sure it’s an obvious choice for the #1 slot, but it’s very deserving!


Go track down and watch all of these films NOW!


Drink up! I’ve got movies to watch…





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