Some couples laugh about their first date, others reminisce about chance encounters. Clarence and Alabama get all weepy on a beach, thinking about that one time they ended up with suitcase full of cocaine and were chased by gangsters finally ending up in a Mexican standoff in Hollywood. Now that’s my kind of love story.

We all know this was written by Tarantino, most of us know QT sees himself as the character of Clarence Worley. It’s kind of where he was at mentally at the time he wrote this film. But this was almost the Tony Scott project that never happened. William Lustig had secured the project and was working on re-writes with Roger Avery when he got a call that he was being bought out and the project was going to go to Tony Scott. Lustig’s idea was more along the lines of a Don Siegel film and didn’t have the flash and flare that Scott injected into it. Scott was trying to persuade Tarintino to let him do RESERVOIR DOGS when Lustig was given his walking papers and a cult film was born.

I am kind of glad this wasn’t a huge hit, it would have taken away something from the film. This feels like it’s “our” film. This is the best cast Scott ever had, a killer script, action, gun fights, an amazing fistfight and a classic scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper that would become one of the greatest moments in ‘90s cinema. Dig it!





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