In this time of self-quarantine and social distancing, it’s important to keep busy so as not to lose your mind. A lot of people are catching up on movies, and others are binging television shows that they had always wanted to check out before, but had been suggested by friends. Curling up with a good scary book is another option, always a worthy choice.


Whatever it is you decide to do, you’ll be doing it at home. You may not want to stay at home, but regardless, we’re all homebodies. So, how appropriate is it that LOOTCRATE’s horror mystery box, LOOTFRIGHT, has the newest mystery box’s theme of HOMEBODIES!?!?! For the HOMEBODIES collection, the themes were THE SHININGSKELETON KEY, THE INVISIBLE MAN or DRACULATHE CONJURING, and NOSFERATU. All of which are movies I love.


The great thing about LOOTFRIGHT is that there are a lot of exclusive items that are only available through their company. Art prints, T-shirts, and enamel pins are some of the pieces for which they commission artists to do limited-edition works. Another plus to LOOTFRIGHT is that they usually always include a collectible item from a well-known company. In the past, items have included horror-themed Madballs and ReAction figures.


Please enjoy my unboxing video. I had a lot of fun making it. Horror-themed mystery boxes are one of my favorite things. I do use profanity, so my videos are of the not-safe-for-work nature. Make sure to visit LOOTFRIGHT at www.lootcrate.com/crates/loot-fright and support horror. Tell ‘em Daily Grindhouse sent ya!



Check out Germ’s first unboxing video for DG here!

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