“The Perfectionist’s Guide to Fantastic Video” is going digital, but it needs your help. Tim Lucas, founder and editor of Video Watchdog let loose an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to raise $147,900 in order to create a digital archive of their back issues while also creating an interactive experience with the magazine for the first time. “We see the available technology as a way to refresh all the work we’ve done in the past, to keep it alive, vital and growing, and not just on iPad – on PCs, Android, Kindle Fire platforms, as well” said Lucas. An easily searchable database of reviews, out of print back issues now available? To quote Calvin Candie, “You had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.”

I first found Video Watchdog in the early 90s. It wasn’t the only magazine with intelligent film criticism and commentary, there were others to be sure, but it was far and away the best. Video Watchdog introduced me to new directors and films that I may have missed while also celebrating the artists I admired. The magazine always felt more like a community than a periodical. If you knew someone who read it, you knew you could expect a certain level of knowledge and more than one friendship began when I bumped into another reader at the book store.


After more than twenty years, the magazine is as strong as ever. They seemed to skip the lull or fatigue that most seem to slip into around the decade mark; it remains fresh, inventive, and incredibly insightful. This campaign to bring the most important film periodical I know of into a digital forum is mission critical. We need to make this happen. Join me and Daily Grindhouse in helping Tim and Donna hit their goal. You can jump to the Kickstarter page here to check out the donation and award levels. We have 19 days left. And…. ACTION!



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