This Week in Movie Trailers: Septic Men, Space Stations, Sanitized Fetishes and more!

“We all love trailers,” the policy reel at my local theater chain tells me.  And it’s true, sort of — we love trailers for movies we can actually get excited about!  With that in mind, we’ve decided to start taking a look at the week’s newly-released trailers, pointing out the ones that are the most noteworthy.  Not always good, mind you, but noteworthy.



Out of Print

The eagerly-anticipated Kickstarter-funded documentary on Los Angeles’s New Beverly Cinema has a trailer! And it looks like a great celebration of the theater, and the cult film community that has emerged around it and other reperatory theaters. Hopefully, this will move beyond being a love letter and actually adressing the potential fall of the film format, and the trailer certainly looks like a step in the right direction. In any case, Clu Gulager is interviewed, which alone makes any documentary a must-see. (Even if his name is misspelled in the trailer.)

50 Shades of Grey

I’ve never read “50 Shades of Grey,” and honestly have no opinion whatsoever on it, but I think I liked this better when it didn’t have a terrible version of “Crazy in Love” and was called SECRETARY. Or EXIT TO EDEN. Or YET ANOTHER 9 1/2 WEEKS.


Billy Bob Thornton gets revenge on a potentially violent bear in this action pic clearly designed to be released in conjunction with THE JUDGE, in which Billy Bob Thornton gets revenge againts a potentially violent Robert Duvall. David (SAW V) Hackl’s flick looks better, and has Scott Glenn, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo, James Marden and Adam Beach.


HONEYMOON received a fair share of notice at SXSW this year, so we’re anxious to see this thriller about a couple whose trip to the woods after getting married quickly turns nightmarish. Could this be a horror film about alienation in relationships? Or is it a CABIN FEVER wannabe? We’re anxious to find out. It’s due on theaters and on VOD September 12.


FOUND, refreshingly, is NOT a found footage movie as the title implies, but rather a horror pic about a young boy who finds out his older brother may be up to all sort of bloody shenanigans. It’s due out in theaters and on VOD August 15.


Due in theaters and on VOD October 17, HOUSEBOUND was another festival hit, a black comedy/thriller about a woman placed in home detention — a home that just happens to maybe be haunted. SIR Peter Jackson likes is, so it’s probably good!

Space Station 76

Patrick Wilson, Matt Bomer, Jerry O’Connell and Liv Tyler in a goofy take on ’70s science fiction shows? Jack Plotnick’s flick could be the GALAXINA we’ve always wanted. Or at least an ICE PIRATES for a new generation.

20,000 Days on Earth

A Nick Cave performance film, distributed by Drafthouse Films. If there’s a cooler thing on the planet, James Franco would have already ripped it off.

Septic Man

There’s something wrong with a movie called SEPTIC MAN having a trailer that’s approved for “all audiences.” Especially when it involves a really gooey contagion. But it’s from the writer of PONTYPOOL and pleased audiences at Fantastic Fest last year, so we’ll give it a pass until we can watch the thing — in the mean time, it looks… dark? Very dark. Coming to VOD August 12 and to theaters August 15.

Dear White People

Okay, there’s nothing remotely grindhousey about Justin Simien’s satire of race relations, but damn, I’m anxious to see it. Because I am a white person. (Do people actually touch other people’s hair like that? People crazy.) Also, the trailer includes a Lisa Bonet reference.

Revelation Trail

When was the last great horror western? Does RAVENOUS qualify? In any case, here’s a zombie western. The trailer seems to suggest some decent performances and zombies. It was finished with Kickstarter funds.


It’s just a teaser, but Alexandre Aja’s new flick (based on a book by Joe Hill) looks intriguing, with Daniel Radcliffe playing.. the devil, probably? There will probably be much more before its Halloween release.


I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for ouija board movies — I’ll even cop to watching WITCHBOARD 2: THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY multiple times. This one doesn’t look like it particularly stands out, but it’s got Olivia Cooke, who is great on “Bates Motel.” It’s due out the week before Halloween, which should allow it one good weekend before HORNS knocks it down.

Shock Value

A horror movie about a deranged director that involves a real-life serial killer in his films? Damn, why couldn’t this be an adaptation of John Waters’ same-named book starring Buscemi as Waters and Bob Odenkirk as Charles Manson? It’s got Malcolm McDowell, anyway.

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears

The fact that I am not watching this giallo film right now is proof that there is no God.


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