WORM (2010)


First things fucking last. Watch out for these cats; Richard Powell and Zach Green are going to be on your radar very soon. WORM is the first film I have seen from these two fellas but if it’s any indication of their skillset then they are one feature length film away from blowing up. I am not a huge fan of the short-film medium. I understand it’s a necessary evil for filmmakers to get noticed but I just never can get that absorbed by a story that is south of 20 minutes… then I saw WORM. This flick hooked me from the very opening scene and didn’t let up until the credits rolled. I am not sure how much I breathed in that twenty minutes, but it wasn’t much.



WORM is about a teacher rapidly approaching burnout.  Geoffrey Dodd on the outside is kind and tolerant, but on the inside lurks a dark evil that is about to boil over into chaos. He sits looking at his students from the front of the class, thinking about how easy it would be for him to unleash the rage.



Director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green understand the mechanics and meaning of horror. They know it’s not just the popular cinematic definition which is about setting up a kill and committing the act. It can also be subtle, it can be emotional, and as they showed in WORM, it can be situational. What is more terrifying than a teacher sitting quietly as he plots the demise of each student? There is a tension in that thought process that flows consistently from beginning to end. It’s real horror.


 Powell and Green said in the DG interview (http://bit.ly/prYiw2) that they were creating a world where all the characters from the short film lived. That’s going to be one fucked up town, but goddamn I can’t wait to go back. Nice work boys.



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