As you have heard, there’s a new franchise entry rolling up this weekend with JURASSIC WORLD. We’ve had fun doing theme weeks in the past, so for the next couple days we’re whipping up a handful of articles for you centering around silly movies and the dinosaurs who populate them.




JURASSIC WORLD looks completely ridiculous, which is promising, but huge-budgeted genre movies these days — with a couple notable exceptions — usually end up playing it super-straight. I know they’re suggesting a movie where the goofball from Parks & Recreation drives motorcycles with velociraptors, but that isn’t probably the movie we’re going to get. Few movies are able to get truly silly when that much money and effort is involved, and sure, that makes logical sense.




It’s not that I don’t thrill to the image of a giant aquatic dinosaur about to swallow up a great white shark, but the more I’m prodded to think about realism, the more my overactive reasong starts thinking about how great white sharks are just short of endangered and how it’s unethical to serve them up as dinner for genetically-engineered gargantuan reptiles that shouldn’t have been brought back in the first place — we have at least three movies worth of proof.




On Twitter, I floated the idea of a JURASSIC PARK sequel that takes a different approach by becoming a BLACKFISH-style documentary about the immorality and the insanity of an amusement park that mixes ugly-American tourists with carnivorous monsters. This is just how I think. Besides, if you bring dinosaurs back, it’s only a matter of time before some prevert gets up to some kind of weirdness and preversion with them.









All of this is to say that, when dinosaurs and human beings meet, there’s nothing but trouble, and while there’s room for the sci-fi family action approach JURASSIC WORLD is undoubtedly taking, but there’s also plenty of room for silliness, and that’s what we here at Daily Grindhouse aim to provide for the next couple days.



Y’all wanna eat some dinosaur?,


— JON ABRAMS (@jonnyabomb).





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