This time on Grindhouse Grooves, we’ve got a depressed Ewoks, a softcore porn homage, a Hitchcock tribute, a serial killer and more!

Marijuana Deathsquads
Ewok Sadness
Dir. Isaac Gale

Hell hath no fury like a furry STAR WARS character scorned in this impressively twisted take on Marijuana Deathsquads’ great track that reminds me of early Ween.

Blue Eyed Hexe
Dir. Mount Emult

The Pixies have returned with a modified line-up, and the video for their most recent track features brains, pentagrams and baby doll heads flying around in impressively-lensed cut-out animation. Good stuff!

Sharon Jones and the Dat-Kings
Dir. Lizzi Anaka

When accosted by some angry shadow wolves, Sharon Jones recommends the title action in this lively, inventively animated video for an insanely catchy song.

King Krule
A Lizard State
Dir. Jamie-James Medina

The intro may be from “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” but it’s PSYCHO that serves as just as much of an influence in this B&W video for Krule’s great garage track.

The Pizza Underground
Dir. Adrian Arredondo


I’m not sure I would have picked Macauley Culkin as being the best child-actor-turned-performer-of-food-based-humorous-music since Billy Mumy, but I can’t really object to a band that does nothing but pizza-themed covers of Velvet Underground songs, if just for their inexplicableness.

Ilia Darling
You Now Forever
Dir. Konstantinos Menelaou

Scrambled foreign softcore porn serves as the inspiration for this video for Darling’s pop track.

Stand Up and Fight
Dir. Cristian Tomassini

A faux-recreation of an undiscovered 1977 grindhouse film, the video for Merendine’s metal track features the right amount of blood, female voracity and film pops to get the look down pat.

Heathen Apostles
Dark Was the Night
Dir. Victoria Vengeance

There’s witchery afoot in this creative period-set video for this moody track off of the first album for the Apostles, featuring The Cramps’ Chopper Franklin.

Pour a 40
Dir. Michael Chow

Rapper LastO goes into the mind of the serial killer in Chow’s intense short.

Maino f/Jadakiss
What Happened
Dir. Mazi O.

There’s a zombie apocalypse going on in the video for Maino’s rap song, but he and Jadakiss seem more interested in complaining about the decline of hip-hop.

The Rheostatics
The Tarleks

WKRP in Cincinnati’s Herb Tarlek (EQUINOX’s Frank Bonner) has an army of clones invading Earth in this edition’s retro-video.

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