This film started out promising: a fleeing man stumbling into an orgy. Given that the title didn’t really give away much too whether ‘Psycho’ was a corruption of ‘Psycho Hose Beast’ or just in the vein of ‘Psycho Who Wants To See Your Insides As Outsides’ I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon further examination, I was to find out that the added sexploitation scenes in the beginning and the rest of the film were an addition in the Something Weird release of Confessions. However, since it wasn’t a disruption to the plot, was I going to complain about this? Was anyone? Do I hear a chorus of “Shit, no!” out there? You see my point… Icing isn’t the main point of the confection here, but icing is what separates a delectable cupcake from a basic muffin. This, dear readers, is a tasty cinematic snack.



I’m sorry; I was supposed to be describing the film and not waxing poetic about pastries. My mistake.


Anyways, I first saw this film, on a boat, on something of a romantic night in with an old flame. I also had to re-watch it since my recollection was a little hazy from that evening and I had taken some breaks during the film to make out and fool around. So imagine my delight when I discovered that this little gem was pretty good and enjoyable even when not viewed in an altered state and naked. Though, I did rewatch it naked, but that’s just my taste. I’m fairly confident that it’s just as good with pants on as they are off, but I’ll let you watch it and decide.



Eileen Lord plays Virginia Marcus, a bored socialite from a family of big game hunters. Not to be outdone by her older brother who is currently away on safari in Africa, presumably blowing up the better part of the Serengeti, Virginia decides to hunt up her own prey. In a highly social-conscious move, she chooses three men who have all gotten away with murder and makes them the offer than if they can elude her in New York City, she’ll pay them $100,000. Lord’s level of calm, deranged charm is balanced by her wide-eyed delivery. There are some pretty epic scenes as she picks off the men one by one. My favorite of these is when she is just toying with one of them, a wrestler, dressed as a matador and he charges her like bull. A nifty bit of trivia is that the wrestler is played by The Raging Bull himself, Jake LaMotta. A useful bit of trivia you can use to impress your date if watching in pairs. The film has a great (if a little cheesy) flashback, and the climax surges when Virginia gets caught by the family playing with her trophies. Again, great catch phrase, “Do you love me NOW, Daddy?” Awesome. It must also be said that Lord also looks a treat in a straitjacket.



The whole ‘man hunting man’ thing has been done a number of times; THE RUNNING MAN, THE PEST, and most notably in THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. I’m sure there are many more in this vein that I’m forgetting but this stands out in my mind as a ‘b-movie’ it’s pretty damn entertaining, and worth watching. Pants or no pants.


Hugs and hisses,

Little Miss Risk

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