[CONTEST] Wanna See TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Movie At An Opera House In Chicago? We’ve got your chance!

Bah weep granah weep nini bong, TransFans!


We’re basically living in a dystopian future, so giant robots fighting in an opera house should be the top-notch entertainment of today. TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST NIGHT is making its U.S. premiere at the Lyric Opera Of Chicago TOMORROW NIGHT June 20th and DAILY GRINDHOUSE wants to send you there.

Simply tweet @DailyGrindhouse a picture of yourself with your favorite TRANSFORMERS toy as a kid (or as an adult, we don’t judge) with the hashtags, #MoreThanMeetsTheGrindhouse and #TransformersTheLastKnight. Don’t have any toys? A VHS, Blu-ray, or DVD will do. Maybe put on a TRANSFORMERS T-shirt? How about taking a picture next to a red semi? The more creative the better, gang, and we know we have the most creative readers on the ‘net. You don’t want to take a picture? Just tell us about your favorite TRANSFORMER in 140 characters or less. Don’t have a Twitter? Simply post us to your Facebook. We’re simply making sure that you have better things to do tomorrow night than die.


The Lyric Opera is located at 20 North Upper Wacker Drive in Chicago. The screening is at 8 PM on June 20th. It’s first come first serve, so be sure to get there early to ensure you get a seat. All you need is a little energon and a lot of luck.

Til all are one!



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