That’s right, Bastards. We are busting a Benny on you and asking for some scratch. Daily Grindhouse is, and will always be, a reader/listener supported website and podcast. When we launched this dirty little secret of an enterprise three years ago, it wasn’t to make coin, it was to talk shop all day long with people like you. All of us have our hands in other jobs, women, men, and peanut butter to make this thing tick. Because we are busting at the seams, we need to make some upgrades so we thought we would open the monetary floodgates (it IS going to flood, right?) to let people make donations. A few of you have asked before, now you have the option. So tell your friends, all the cool kids are doing it! You’ll find the donate tab permanently located on the right hand side of the site below the search bar, or just click on the donate tabs in this article.


What’s that? You want a gift for every donation? Done.

With each donation we will mail you a DVD/Blu-ray (please specify) and we will also enter you into our monthly drawing for the Big Kahuna. Some rare piece of cool in the form of a poster, film, print, autograph, etc. Our prize closet is bigger than Steve Guttenberg’s bank account, so some cool shit will turn up if you’re the lucky fucker.

We will be creating a wall of Bastards on the site to list all of the benefactors that have chipped in to make our show and website possible. In addition, all names will be read on our Top 10 rated (in TV/Film on Podomatic) podcast each week. So if you have a site or product to plug, or if you just want your name read through my glorious fat face, now is your chance.

In all seriousness, please know that all of your efforts to help are appreciated more than we can possibly express. You are the reason we’re here, and you are the reason why we will keep on truckin’ until the world goes dark.

From everyone here at DG, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

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