Just thought I’d drop a quick line about John Moore directing the latest installment of the DIE HARD series. I remember seeing the original in Detroit. I went in with no preconceived notions, then proceeded to have my sorry ass blasted through the theater wall. That movie was tough, and back then, Bruce Willis actually gave a shit.


And now we come to DIE HARD 5: MISSION TO MOSCOW. Apparently, McClane’s son is trapped in Russia, and it’s up to Willis and his tattered wife-beater to save the day and kick Yakov Smirnoff’s ass.


Yes, we’re fighting commies again. I’m assuming McClane travels through time back to 1986 to somehow make this relevant.


DIE HARD 4.0 (or, the even more ridiculous, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) was a generic piece of PG-13 baunch. Len Wiseman took a small break from defecating on vampire movies to shit on the action genre. It was Hollywood slick, soulless, and not a badass moment in sight. DIE HARD 5 looks to be the same. John Moore is known for churning out flicks that range from forgettable to schmegma. Simply put, DIE HARD 5 will be just another generic product from mainstream Hollywood; technically sound, but forgotten ten minutes after the credits roll.


At least we still have HUDSON HAWK, right?



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    September 4, 2011

    Oh, good Lord. John “The Omen Remake” Moore? Of all the cheap hacks in all the world they had to hire the director of “Max Payne.” This should remove any doubts anyone might have about this movie being awful. I feel the same way I felt when I heard the director of those awful Platinum Dunes go the big chair on Conan. That this’ll turn out similarly atrocious is, I think, the best we can hope for, given the situation.

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    September 5, 2011

    They really should’ve stopped after the 3rd film. The only hope I have for this movie is that it will be rated R. Can we at least get a Yippie Kay yay motherfucker?

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