A lot of folks get all hot in their underpants when they hear Marlon Brando, aka THE GODFATHER, rattle off his signature line “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” They get less excited when he follows up with “Let me dip my finger in butter and shove it up your ass.” But honestly, the only Godfather I pay any credence to is Rudy Ray Moore, with his simple-yet-elegant proclamation to “Put your weight on it!”


Though not quite as fun as DOLEMITE, Rudy Ray’s opus from 1979 should still grace your private collection – right there next to the Grey Poupon and your ragged VHS of HOUSE ON TOMBSTONE HILL.


When renowned Disco DJ Tucker Williams’ nephew falls prey to the empty calories of angel dust, it’s up to the Disco Godfather to insert stylish boots into skanky asses.


Though there is a lot of dancing and wacky hijinks, the true highlight of DISCO GODFATHER is the trippy (and kinda creepy) drug-induced trances the PCP addicts succumb to. We all knew Rudy Ray was adept at kung-fu as well as cutting a rug, but causing accidental excretions in your green corduroy bell bottoms? Well played, sir.



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