Spring has sprung, and with the warm weather comes all the pests that make us hate this time of year. Sure, the temperate climate is great, but all the bugs and various varmints have come out to play. What to do?


Don’t fret too much, CREEPY CO. has taken the bothersome aspects of this wonderful time of year and turned them into high fashion with their spring button ups. The creative geniuses over at CREEPY CO. sure do know how to make a horror nerd feel pretty.






First they are offering up pure ’80s gross-out realness with their BUZZ OFF button-up shirt. Call pest control, because it seems a fly has snuck into this snazzy, stylish button-up shirt. This trendsetting shirt is perfect to wear for any occasion, however fancy or horrifying the occasion may be!

Illustrations and pattern by Matt Durston.



If that wasn’t enough, they are offering up total Dad vibes and bringing back the LUAU LURKERS button-up that is so hot that it sells out almost immediately. What sort of CRITTERS are lurking  in the lush vegetation? Cover your torso with this Hawaiian-esque button-up that’s sure to catch the sharp eye of all who pass it.

Pattern by Matthew Skiff.





Both shirts are made from ultra-fine 100% cotton poplin fabric. The buttery smooth fabric has a great flow and body drape. The shirts are just perfection, with their button-down collars and front chest pockets.


Get your hands on these shirts today, stand out in the sea of mediocrity, and have some fun with CREEPY CO. As always, stay DRESSED TO KILL!









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