There is absolutely no item of clothing that is more iconic than a black motorcycle jacket. Every badass rebel in cinema has worn one. From Marlon Brando in THE WILD ONE and Mel Gibson in MAD MAX to Mark Venturi in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD or Bunty Bailey in DOLLS, nothing makes an actor come across as intense like a classic black motorcycle jacket.



Thanks to the good people over at WINDY CITY HORRORAMA and THE ALLEY CHICAGO, you too can be as badass as your cinematic heroes (or anti-heroes). WINDY CITY HORRORAMA is having a contest right now where you can win your own leather motorcycle jacket, sponsored by THE ALLEY CHICAGO. Check out the Facebook video here!



The rules of the contest are simple. Purchase a full fest or day pass for WINDY CITY HORRORAMA and be entered to win a leather jacket, courtesy of THE ALLEY CHICAGO. The day pass gets you entered once, and the full fest pass gets you entered three times!


Buy your pass and be automatically entered to win. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

**Those who have already purchased a pass are already entered to win.**


The WINDY CITY HORRORAMA film festival is April 26th-28th at the Davis Theater in Chicago. Hope to see you all there!








Jeremy Lowe

Jeremy Lowe (a.k.a, Germ T. Ripper) is a Chicago punk rock mainstay who has been the front man for bands The Rotten Fruits, Modern Day Rippers, Brickwall Vultures, and The Short-Timers. He is also a co-founder of Sexy Baby Records. Before writing for Daily Grindhouse, he wrote for the Splatterhouse 7 blog. You can contact him on Twitter as @rottengerm77

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