Summertime is in full swing. Cook-outs, sun, and fun are all the rage. Who doesn’t want to hit the beach and make the scene? For horror fans, this time of year brings to mind many classic films. If you’re big into camping, you can’t help but think of FRIDAY THE 13TH  (1980), THE BURNING, and SLEEPAWAY CAMP. All of those are superb examples of summertime horror, but the one movie that immediately comes to mind when I think of summertime horror films is JAWS.



JAWS has it all! This is the ultimate summertime horror movie. Besides just taking place during the hottest time of year, most of the scenes are filmed during the daytime. Without the veil of darkness to instill fear in the viewer, JAWS had to rely on realistic terror. The tension created is almost unparalleled. The story of a small town under siege from a gigantic killer shark is a classic, and is now the inspiration of JCRT’s new button-up shirt and bag.



Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra are high-end clothing designers who take inspiration from many different influences. Everything from movie posters, album covers, video games, and social issues have helped to to guide their hand-made creations. Just in time for summer, their men’s brand JCRT has come out with a new short-sleeve button-up shirt and bag, influenced by the original JAWS movie poster.



The red, white, and blue plaid used in JCRT’s meticulously designed button-up shirt immediately brings to mind the iconic poster art of JAWS. All JCRT shirts are made of 100% cotton twill and feature a locker loop at the center back neck. Their crisp collars and cuffs are made using the highest-grade interfacing. It all makes for a stunning fashion statement.



If a beautiful, top-notch hand-tailored shirt isn’t enough for your summertime horror fashion needs, JCRT also created a matching JAWS shoulder bag. This is the only market tote you’ll ever need. It’s made of 100% cotton oxford cloth — soft and durable for everyday use or more appropriately, a day at the beach.



JCRT have created a shirt with a $3,000 bounty and its own theme song. Just because it’s sweltering outside doesn’t mean you can take a break from keeping your fashion on point. Do yourself a favor and chomp into some JAWS-inspired plaid today at jc-rt.com. This is your old pal Germ T. Ripper sayin’,”Love fashion, hate fascism, and smile, you son of a BITCH!” Tell ‘em DAILY GRINDHOUSE sent ya, and as always, stay DRESSED TO KILL.





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