Brad Burah (director): APPLECART (Midwest Premiere!)

Joe Carnahan (director/screenwriter): BLOOD, GUTS, BULLETS AND OCTANE (in 35mm!), BULLET IN THE HEAD (in 35mm!), HARD TIMES (4K Restoration Premiere!), MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE (in 35mm!), NEAR DARK (in 35mm!)

Larry Cohen (director/legend): THE AMBULANCE (in 35mm!), KING COHEN



Andy Collier (director/screenwriter): CHARISMATA (Midwest Premiere!)

Barbara Crampton (actor): APPLECART (Midwest Premiere!)



Jamie Dagg (director): SWEET VIRGINIA (Opening Night Film! Midwest Premiere!)

Brian Darwas (director/screenwriter): GET MY GUN (Midwest Premiere!)

Antonio Fargas (actor): FOXY BROWN, I’M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA (Lifetime Achievement Award!)



Ted Geoghegan (director/screenwriter): MOHAWK

Jessica Harper (actor): SUSPIRIA (Newly-Discovered Uncut 35mm Print!)


William James (director): SNOWFLAKE (North American Premiere!)

Adolfo Kolmerer (director): SNOWFLAKE (North American Premiere!)

Patrick Magee (director/screenwriter): PRIMAL RAGE (World Premiere!)

Tyler MacIntyre (director): TRAGEDY GIRLS (Illinois Premiere!)

Steve Mitchell (director): KING COHEN

Liam O’Donnell (director/screenwriter): BEYOND SKYLINE (Closing Night Film!)

Brian O’Malley (director): THE LODGERS (Midwest Premiere!)

Ryan Prows (director/screenwriter): LOWLIFE (US Premiere!)

Leo Schermann (director): TRENCH 11 (Midwest Premiere!)



Eric Roberts (Eric Fucking Roberts): THE AMBULANCE (in 35mm!), ERIC ROBERTS IS THE FUCKING MAN (live podcast!), KING COHEN

Todd Tucker (director/screenwriter): THE TERROR OF HALLOW’S EVE (North American Premiere!)


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