Director A.D. Calvo’s SWEET, SWEET LONELY GIRL is a very ‘70s, very lurid, very European romance that brings to mind the works of Jess Franco. The film has an impressively tight 76 minute run time, and while the scares are few and far between, the leads (Quinn Shephard and Erin Wilhelmi) are so perfectly cast, with Wilhelmi as the titular lonely girl and Shephard in all her bad-girl ‘70s glory. SWEET, SWEET LONELY GIRL nails the ‘70s sensibility with era appropriate sets, costuming, and lots of terrific A.M. pop hits. The film’s third act brings some creepy ghost action to the table, but even without the supernatural elements, the story of two girls in love (or lust) is quite compelling.

Calvo, Shepard, and Wilhelmi were in attendance at this year’s FANTASTIC FEST and participated in a short Q&A following the film’s showing.

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