GRINDHOUSE GROOVES – The latest roundup in exploitation-influenced music videos!



It’s time for another edition of Grindhouse Grooves, showing the latest videos who take their cues from the more dingy side of the cinematic tracks.
John Hillcoat (THE PROPOSITION, THE ROAD, LAWLESS) directed this low key video for Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels track “Ice Age,” a moody piece about a pair of folk holed up in a cabin while unknown events happen outside.

If Elijah Wood’s performance in the MANIAC remake isn’t enough to get your attention, here he is in David Lewandowski’s TETSUO THE IRON MAN-inspired (perhaps) video for Flying Lotus’s “Tiny Tortures” in a similarly-creepy role as an amputee whose severed arm area begins to attract the attention of objects around him. Lewandowski was the lead graphics animator on TRON: LEGACY, and it shows here.

There’s not much to say about Mo Stoebe’s video for dance pop band Hercules and Love Affair’s track “Release Me” other than it goes for the look for a late-night ’80s phone sex ad, and it gets it pretty damn close.

Phantogram’s “Don’t Move” gets a moody, colorful ’70s horror/sci-fi treatment in this video, as a young woman encounters a mysterious box and off things begin to happen.

This clip from a new animated film out of Bollywood is pretty insane, with demons getting fried by a sultry green-skinned witch — it’s a shame that apparently the rest of KRISHNA AUR KANSTHE is nowhere near as nuts. According to a friend of mine, “This is an extremely graphic representation of Putana – a character in Hindu Mythology who tried to (breast) feed poisoned milk to kill Lord Krishna in baby form. This video seems to be a singing and dancing version of her, Putana. (pronounced POO-t-NAA) A good explanation of her character can be seen on Wikipedia, here.”

Kenneth Anger is the inspiration for the video for Matthew Dear’s “Her Fantasy” directed by Tommy O’Haver (ELLA ENCHANTED). SCORPIO RISING is the obvious source of imagery, and really, you can’t ask for a better source than that to crib from.

The likes of CLASS IF 1984 and ROCK’N’ROLL HIGH SCHOOL serve as the reference points for Neon Trees’ new video, as ’80s punks rail against the educational machine. And then the zombies came.

You can’t dislike a music video with UFOs AND Mexican wrestlers, so Johan Jello’s appropriate video for “Attack of the Killer UFOs,” directed by Matthew Ragsdale, is a welcome tribute to ’60s drive-in flickery.

The lead singer of German hard rock band Botox gets more than be bargained for when he gets into the hot car of a group of sexy ladies in this ’70s grindhouse-inspired video for “Ballerina.”

And last, but by no means(?) least is a video directed by Eli Roth — a family-friendly Halloween video from Snoop Dogg, under the name of “Snoop Lion.” Though I suppose the trippy video is only “family-friendly” if your post-dinner family activities involve bong hits.


Be back when the jukebox has been restocked,


– Paul Freitag-Fey

Paul runs the Pychotronic Netflix page on Facebook and is the weekly author of the Psychotronic Netflix list we publish every week.

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