This is John Woo’s first big Hollywood film and unfortunately the script doesn’t have the strong story or subtext of his earlier efforts. But never fear, all you need when you have a shitty script is a few well executed actions scenes, Lance Henriksen, and Jean-Claude Van Damme sporting tight pants and a Richard Marx mullet. Fortunately for us he isn’t singing bad 80s love songs, unless you consider a foot in your face or some acrobatic gun-fu a love song, in which case he “sings” for the majority of the film. Dig this good shit, Bastards.
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Jon Abrams

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    August 13, 2012

    There is a great first cut of this film with classic Thomas Crown Affair like multiple angles at once during the action scenes. After a preview at a mall, the cards came back with “too confusing” during these sequences, so the whole film got dumbed down. They should release the original version. Would pay for that.

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