Holiday Grindhouse: 12 Horror(ish) Blu-Rays Under $10

By now, you’ve likely seen most of the movies on this list. But, given how affordable these fan favorites are at the moment, we’d be remiss not to let you know about them. Plug the holes in your movie collection, pick up some cheap gifts for friends and family, even try a title you weren’t so sure about. Here are 12 Horror(fish) blu-rays under $10.

*Prices could change at anytime. We don’t control it.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – $7.99

You know it, you love it. Here’s the 35th Anniversary edition for you to sing along to anytime you like.

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The Thing – $7.88

Here’s your white Christmas. Carpenter’s classic delivers every time. Why don’t you already own this?

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Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monter – $9.99

Not the top title for the big lizard. But, Godzilla gets wet and wild in this one.

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Green Inferno – $9.49

Whatever your opinion of Eli Roth may be, it’s hard to beat a cannibal movie Blu-ray for less than $10. If you’re Pro Eli, this lets you admire his work again and again. If you’re Anti Eli, you can mock his work again and again.

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The Vampire Lovers – $9.99

Leonard Maltin called this a “rather erotic Hammer chiller”. All I know is it’s packed with blood-nymphs and Peter Cushing.

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter – $6.71

Arguably, the best movie in the series. If there’s one to own, this is it. And under $7? Dang.

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The Frighteners – $9.49

This Blu-ray actually delivers 2 movies: The theatrical release and Peter Jackson’s director’s cut.

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Yor: The Hunter From the Future 35th Anniversary Edition – $7.13 Pre-Order

Strange, savage beasts roam the earth, foraging for human flesh. Fierce tribesmen prey on the weak and innocent. Mystic sacrifices appease the gods. It’s like an Italian Beastmaster! First time on Blu-ray, I believe, so it’s available for a special pre-order price. For now.

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Labyrinth – $9.99

David Bowie and Jim Henson struck some kind of weird gold back in the 80s with this fantasy gem. Throw in Jennifer Connolly and you got yourself a fine little film.

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Jaws 2 – $7.88

More shark, more dead bodies. And, this may be worth it for the cover alone.

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Killer Klowns from Outer Space $ 7.99

This holiday, there’s no better way to explain just how weird the 80s were than with this disc.

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Q The winged Serpent – $7.98

A winged serpent terrorizes Manhattan. This is essential Larry Cohen exploitation.

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Not enough?

Be sure to check out some of the other goodies in our Daily Grindhouse Holiday Gift Guide. Or, see the new titles that have been added to our store. Each purchase helps keep Daily Grindhouse running. Thanks!

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