Hollywood Remakes Miike’s Ninja Kids?!?


I still have yet to witness the horrors of Takashi Miike’s latest children’s tale Ninja Kids, but from what I’ve heard it’s a beast of a feast worthy of Japan’s King of Dementia.  His last kiddie flick, The Great Yokai War haunts me to this day with its Pig Boy birthing sequences and heaps of KY jelly.  And, yeah, I’m definitely anticipating the madness surrounding a group of children training in the magical arts of ninjutsu.


But, now Hollywood wants a turn?  Rumors are flying that an “unnamed Studio” is contemplating an adaptation, dollar bill signs floating around their heads.  Seriously?  My guess is that this won’t resemble Miike’s inevitable icky fun and will more likely transform into a reboot of 3 Ninjas Kick Back.  A concept I’m not necessarily against.  Victor Wong’s corpse needs work.






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