2020 was devastating, by any measure. I have to be honest with you, I don’t even have any words. I do this memorial post every year at around this time (well, usually much earlier), just to recognize as many losses as possible, since invariably the Oscars “In Memoriam” segment has to cut names for time, and also because Daily Grindhouse goes to pop culture nooks and crannies that the mainstream often won’t, just to show our appreciation for the people who have made our lives more interesting just by living theirs.

But I don’t have it in me to say much more than that. I just don’t. I’ve lost far too much personally — I’ve lost too many — and I’m tired. Not in my body. In my soul. I’m so tired. And I’m not unique. Surely plenty of you out there reading these words can relate. I hope not, but I fear otherwise. Let’s have a moment of quiet remembrance and reflection. Let’s use this space for that.

Let’s please light a few candles and play some music, and remember these names and faces. And as always, if I’ve missed any, please email dailygrindhouseonline@gmail.com and I will add them to this post.






Orson Bean


Peter Beard

Glen Beckert



Ronald ‘Khalis’ Bell


Allen Bellman


Jay Benedict


Warren Berlinger


Honor Blackman


William Blinn


Mark Blum


William Bogert


Beverly Bonner



Chadwick Boseman


Wilford Brimley


Lou Brock


Gianna & Kobe Bryant


Jeremy Bulloch


Jack Burns


Edd Byrnes


R.D. Call


Zoe Caldwell


Earl Cameron


Don Campbell


Lewis John Carlino


Marge Champion


Michael Chapman


Hélène Châtelain


Anthony Chisholm




Mary Higgins Clark


Joe Clark


Ron Cobb


Forrest Compton


Sean Connery


Robert Conrad


Alfio Contini


Ben Cooper


Richard Corben


Nick Cordero


Denise Cronenberg


Mart Crowley


Othella Dallas


Allen Daviau


Mac Davis


Spencer Davis


Olivia de Havilland


Gene Deitch


Brian Dennehy


Natalie Desselle Reid


Tommy DeVito


Malcolm Dixon


Mario Donatone


MF Doom (Daniel Dumile)


Kirk Douglas


Shirley Douglas


Mort Drucker


Justin Townes Earle


Christiane Eda-Pierre


Jean Erdman


Sergio Fantoni


F.X. Feeney


Tony Fernández


Conchata Ferrell


Leon Fleisher


Rhonda Fleming


Whitey Ford


Armando Francioli


Harriet Frank Jr.


Fred The Godson (Frederick Thomas)


Mirella Freni



Jim Frey

Bob Fujitani



Hector Garrido


Bob Gibson


David Giler


Juan Giménez


Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Milton Glaser


Mary Pat Gleason


Paula Gloria Barton


Danny Goldman


Stuart Gordon


Victor Gorelick


Peter Green


Winston Groom


James E. Gunn


Parnell Hall


Steve Hann


James “Kamala” Harris


Margot Hartman


Sir Ronald Harwood



Buck Henry


Richard Herd


Toots Hibbert


Rupert Hine


Ian Holm


Roy Horn


Silvio Horta


Rita Houston


Jonathan Huber aka Luke Harper aka Brodie Lee


Peter H. Hunt


Luchita Hurtado


Grant Imahara


Anthony James


Katherine Johnson


Louis Johnson


Rocky Johnson


Jay Johnstone


Terry Jones


Roger Kahn


Hugh Keays-Byrne


Jack Kehoe


Irrfan Khan


Gary B. Kibbe


Shirley Knight


Larry Kramer


John Lafia


Helen LaFrance


David Lander


Don Larsen


Dieter Laser


Road Warrior Animal (Joseph Michael Laurinaitis)


Catie Lazarus


John le Carré


Carlo Leva


John Lewis


William Link


James Lipton


Tommy “Tiny” Lister


Michael Lonsdale



Barry Lopez


Trini Lopez


Rebecca Luker


Rafael Romero Marchent


Benny Mardones

José Mojica Marins


Ashley Mattingly


Terrence McNally


Mike “McBeardo” McPadden


Alan Metter


Lois Kelly Miller


Olan Montgomery


Joe Morgan


Ennio Morricone


Ed Murray


Kellye Nakahara


Johnny Nash




Fred “Curly” Neal


Claudette Nevins


Daria Nicolodi



Phil Niekro


Nobuhiko Obayashi


Denny O’Neil


Ken Osmond


Alan Parker


Aileen Passloff


Pat Patterson


David Paul


Neil Peart


Krysztof Penderecki


Regis Philbin


Bonnie Pointer


Genesis P-Orridge


Kelly Preston


Charley Pride


John Prine


David Prowse


Adolfo “Shabba-Doo” Quiñones


Helen Reddy


Joel M. Reed


Carl Reiner


Ann Reinking



Little Richard (Richard Wayne Penniman)


Diana Rigg


Naya Rivera


David Roback


Diane Rodriguez


Kenny Rogers


Carlo Sabatini


Richard Sala


John Saxon


Gale Sayers


Adam Schlesinger


Florian Schneider


Joel Schumacher


Tom Seaver


Joseph Shabalala


Lynn Shelton


Joe Shishido


John Shrapnel


Don Shula


Joe Sinnott


Jackie Stallone


Herb Stempel


Carter Stevens


Jerry Stiller


Carol Sutton


Yuko Takeuchi


Pamela Tiffin


Christopher Tolkien


Peter Tork


Alex Trebek


Nicholas Tucci


McCoy Tyner


Eddie Van Halen


Max von Sydow


Lyle Waggoner


Jack Wallace


Lee Wallace


Dawn Wells


Leslie West


Fred Willard


Hal Willner


David Wise


Bill Withers




Edna Wright


Betty Wright


Ned Wynn


Chuck Yeager


Johnny Yune


Rest in peace to all these artists and dignitaries and entertainers and distinguished persons, and even to the scoundrels. Here’s one more tune from Rupert Hine…




And then one last one from Bill Withers…



E infine, un’ultima melodia del maestro…



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