Get A Glimpse Of The Neon Drenched Cover Art For Fangoria’s OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO

Preston Fassel’s wild ode to 42nd Street, Our Lady Of The Inferno, is getting a reprint from Fangoria with sharp new cover art.





Pretty sharp, eh? Set in 1983, Our Lady tells the tale of 21-year old Ginny Kurva, a martial arts savvy den mother to a stable of women of the night who takes on the villainous Nicolette Aster in the city that never sleeps. Fassel is a three-time Rondo Award nominated journalist and author who you may have read in Rue Morgue or Screem. He certainly knows his way around grindhouse cinema; when this writer first met him at Fantastic Fest, we had a deep conversation about a nasty little favorite, POOR PRETTY EDDIE.

Our Lady Of The Inferno hits shelves September 11th, 2018. But you can preorder this compelling novel from Amazon right here!

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