Liu Chia-liang had a lot riding on this picture. Not only was he once again directing, but he was also the star. Although he had appeared in his previous efforts like HEROES OF THE EAST and CHALLANGE OF THE MASTERS, he hadn’t given himself a significant part. He was happier in the background, watching his discoveries, admiring their skill and talent while also confirming his ability to recognize a future disciple like Hou Hsiao. Which brings us to MAD MONKEY KUNG FU (1979).

The film tells the story of Chen (Liu) and his sister (Kara Hui) who travel around performing the titular monkey style of fighting. Leigh Lo shows up to cause all kinds of trouble as the wealthy villain who does all kinds of nasty to Chen by breaking his hands, framing him for rape, and taking his sister for pleasure making sexy-time. A triple threat of bad news, right? Well, we know Chen is going to be back to settle the score, and holy shit does this dude bring the mayhem. He joins forces with a trustee professional pickpocket played by Hou, and together the bodies fly, people die, and fans of martial arts cinema are left grinning ear to ear. Another Liu Chia-liang classic.

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