“Michael Winner is either the most calculated guy I have ever met in the film industry or he’s just bananas and my guess is that it’s a combination of the two. He may just be very cunning and clever and a little perverse and sadistic. You know, he has a lot of money, he had a lot before he was directing so I guess he can afford to kind of be that way.” Said Alex Winter in our interview back in April. After more than 40 films including the iconic DEATH WISH series, Michael Winner has passed at the age of 77 after losing a fight with cancer.


He began his career as an assistant director at the BBC where he worked shorts and full-length “B” films. After a career that saw partnerships with Oliver Reed and critically praised work, it was DEATH WISH that would be the calling card of a forty year career and launch a franchise with Charles Bronson (who he also worked with on CHATO’S LAND). His work in the 80’s saw a decline particularly after working for Cannon Films, but their is no doubt that crazy or not, Winner had a style all his own. Rest well, sir.
Head over to IMDB to have a look at his full filmography.


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