[Mourning Jams] Day 27: “Turbo Killer”

October 2019 is a celebration of horror and musicThis October, Daily Grindhouse is celebrating the collision between music and horror with a series of posts under the banner of Rocktoberfest 2019. There will be daily features, recurring bits, and some special posts around the subject.

Mourning Jams is your daily kick off every morning with a different music video that has some horror elements to it. Crossing genres, decades, and more, it’s a good way to get in the spooky mood this Halloween month.

Long form music videos have been a verified “thing” for decades now—yes, “Thriller” was the big one, but Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare” also paved the way for longer visual representations of song (that wasn’t some day-glo Ken Russell slice of drudgery). Carpenter Brut’s “Turbo Killer,” a song from 2015’s EP III, dropped online in 2016 and promptly shredded faces. Carpenter Brut (nom de guerre of Franck Hueso) is a French synthwave artist who doesn’t just utilize John Carpenter’s surname and instrument of choice but also loves to incorporate horror allusions and vibes into all of his works (from stage show, to names of tracks, to samples, and beyond). Much like TURBO KID, BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, and MANDY, “Turbo Killer” feels very much like representation of something a child in 1987 wanted to see—an acid-dipped Lisa Frank trapper keeper gone through an ultradimensional portal and came out wrong, thanks to director Seth Ickerman (aka Raphaël Hernandez, who has directed shorts and handled visual effects for DEAREST SISTER).

“Turbo Killer” is a bizarre melding of space opera and HELLRAISER that is barely coherent and intensely fun. There was a sequel, “Blood Machines” that was funded by Kickstarter, and is currently playing film festivals (including Fantastic Fest) before being unleashed upon the web for all. “Turbo Killer” is a bit of a blasphemy on Sunday morning, but isn’t that what Halloween season all about?

Tune in tomorrow and every morning in October for a new music video to help start the day on the frightening foot as Halloween swiftly approaches.

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