It’s ironic that David Fincher already made THE SOCIAL NETWORK, because this is the ultimate Facebook movie. Some of us may log onto Facebook and see all our acquaintances from over the years, having great adventures with loving spouses and beautiful kids, and then feel inadequate and disappointed by comparison. I know I’ve had the feeling before. The best advice I’ve ever heard in this new age of social media is “Don’t compare their outsides to your insides.” Because the truth is that some people may in fact be as happy and as perfect as they present themselves to be… but probably not.




GONE GIRL is all about the dark underneath. I’m not sure I’ve seen a suburban subversion this mischievously black-hearted since the first time I saw BLUE VELVET. Either I was on this movie’s viciously cynical wavelength the day I saw it, or else I’m a total freak, but I cackled all throughout. Either way, I’m pretty sure that was the point. This is a really fucking dark comedy. Considering how popular the book it’s based on was — and still is — it feels like the movie didn’t hardly make much of a dent in the cultural conversation. My general feeling is because it’s a nasty movie. It’s a poison pill, a burn book. It’s cold fire. This movie burns everydamnbody.




Nobody comes off well here, with the possible exceptions of the sister (Margo, played by Carrie Coon) and the lady detective (Detective Rhonda Boney, played by Kim Dickens). GONE GIRL is an indictment of blue-state pretension, of red-state idiocy, of gossip-magazine back-biting, of ghoulish true-crime rubbernecking, of dumb cops and crooked lawyers, of pretty people and their seemingly perfect lives, of family, of community, of media, of relationships, of Tyler Perry (yes), and so on and so on, for more than two hours.




I haven’t read the book, so I can’t speak to its insane popularity, but I can absolutely understand why GONE GIRL as a movie wasn’t for everybody. This movie is needle-sharp, and designed to puncture swelled heads of all kinds, and most regular people are afraid of needles.






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